Fathers Arise - Episode 1: Richard Leong

It has been burning on our heart for some time now: the world needs fathers. Fathers at home. Fathers in classrooms. Fathers in boardrooms. The world needs leaders that carry a father’s heart. 

No matter your age, or whether you’re married or have kids at home, if you are a son of God, you are a father in the world. The world looks to you for leadership, for truth, for guidance, for strength.

It’s time for the sons of God to rise as fathers of men.

We have begun an initiative called 'Fathers Arise;' right now it is a series of conversations with fathers across generations to listen, to learn, to humbly ask questions and be equipped to rise and father not only families, but neighborhoods, cities, and nations. 

We started this exploration with a series called ‘Forefathers’ - chatting with men we greatly respect who have paid the price for the wisdom they are so generously passing on. 

Our first conversation was with Mr Richard Leong. Husband of 45 years. Father and grandfather. Richard has authentically - and artfully - lived his beliefs through his businesses, leading others as a chief executive in marketing, business development and strategy positions around the world. 

We explored the topic of family, legacy, and unity. We pray it blesses you; if you want to make sure you know when the next episode launches, make sure to sign up for our newsletter.


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