Mountains Into Roads

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In her memoir ‘Mountains Into Roads,’ Shawna Kaszer brings readers along in her ’88 Bronco for the road trip adventure of a lifetime. Nearly ten years after losing her mom, Shawna finds herself stuck, the grief from loss still affecting every area of her life. Rather than become a slave to what was, she and her husband pack up their NYC apartment and take off on a cross country adventure to face it all, changing what could be.

Memories from the past begin to collide with the present out on the open road, creating powerful opportunities for encounters with God that bring radical freedom, healing, and renewed hope. Diving into frigid cold waters, taking cover through lightning storms on mountain-tops, even crashing down the pits of sand dunes intertwine with memories inviting her to see the past through God's eyes and allow Him to move in her heart.

A cross country adventure becomes more than a road trip in the wild, it becomes a pilgrimage of the soul; an adventure within. God is in the driver's seat of this powerful story, drenched with ache and beauty that will grip your heart. Shawna’s journey captures divine meetings with colorful characters, extraordinary encounters, and magical moments with the Spirit of God out on the open road that will awaken your soul and leave you able to feel your own heart beating again.

A Note From Shawna:

"I will turn all my mountains into roads..." Isaiah 49:11

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a list of ‘somedays.’ Someday I’ll do this great thing. Then that great thing. I’ll move to Los Angeles. Make great theater and movies that bring people closer to God. Marry my sweetheart. Choose my own path.

Until a sudden plot twist changed life as I knew it, putting a mountain between me and my growing list of hopes and dreams. The future I once felt so sure of was almost impossible to see. I asked, and God opened a window of opportunity to go after one of my somedays. With my ‘yes’ He leveled that mountain and turned it into a great story of redemption: forgiveness, freedom, healing, and hope. Which I turned into my book ‘Mountains Into Roads.’

After receiving such touching messages from people reading my story, I realized how deeply we all crave connection. To one another, to ourselves, and most importantly - to God. I believe with my whole heart that this book will awaken your sleeping soul and invite the fire back into your life: the fire to live the only adventure worth pursuing - chasing God and all he Has for you: freedom, healing, wholeness, and a life fully alive in Him!

I pray you find something special within these pages just for you. 

With love and deep gratitude, Shawna Kaszer