Family Giving

Almost one year ago, we discovered an Instagram account with a handle almost identical to ours. A young mama of four whose family was at the end of their long-awaited adoption journey, about to bring a baby home. We happily reached out and offered her a shirt, thrilled to see God moving and uniting strangers through a shared conviction and shared heart. 

Only a couple of days later, this young mama's husband had a seizure, and a tumor was discovered on his brain. We won't share the details of their journey because they're not ours to share - if you want to read more, her words from her own story are so beautiful and powerful and faith-building that we suggest you do go read them. We have been praying for this family for a year. On August 20, the husband and father of the family left his world and entered into eternity with Jesus.

As you know, 10% of all sales in our shop go to organizations supporting orphans and widows, or directly to families experiencing loss of a loved one. Our August through October giving is reserved for this young family as they walk through this moment together. 

We don't want to limit your opportunity to be generous to buying a shirt, so we have set up a place to give on our shop page, where 100% of your gift goes to the family, and our shop will cover transaction fees. We have not done this as a GoFundMe for various reasons, allowing more privacy.

Please join us in praying, loving, grieving, and giving to @thefutureisfamily as they mourn the loss of their husband and daddy.

Shawna & Chad

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