Hi! We're Chad and Shawna. And we believe the future is family.

As we sat meditating and pressing in to the messages of the world one morning, we asked, 'what is the anthem of our heart?' The answer wasn't found in professional titles, hours invested at an office, projects or parties...it was found in one another, our children, and our community. Family. 'The Future Is Family' came during a time of prayer, and it became our way forward. So we made a shirt to wear the message of our life. When we saw how many other people connected to this message too, we realized it was our message collectively to share. So we made shirts for a few friends, and here we are now - making them available to you. We aren't models, not fashion designers, just a team raising a family with a heart to change the world. 

Family can transform cities and change the world. We believe that love looks like family: diverse, beautiful, imperfect, gathering to share meals, love neighbors, and care for one another. This is the kind of world we want to live in, and the kind of future we want to build. Let's wear a message we all share - The Future Is Family!

We are a husband-wife team with a family of our own, and a message we believe in. A message that can transform hearts and transform culture. 

Our life doesn't look at all like our parents' did when we were growing up. We work together, from home most days, co-parenting and co-leading a church community from within our home. We believe that healthy families are the building blocks to healthy communities, where industries can be transformed from the inside-out to bring lasting change to our cities and nations. Family is at the center of it all.

Follow along with Chad. Follow along with Shawna. Follow along with The Future Is Family.


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